Day 18: Into Mt. Shasta

PCT Mile 1484.9 to 1501.2

Miles Hiked = 16.3

I was motivated to get up and get hiking today because I was headed into town – a little town called Mt. Shasta that is right next to the same-named mountain. I had a hotel reservation for the next two nights and was looking forward to a zero day tomorrow.

The trail was uphill through the forest for the first seven miles and gained over 2000 feet.

I felt strong and felt like I was moving at a good pace – it sure helps to be almost out of food! But the motivation factor to get into town and have a big juicy burger is pretty strong also.

As the trail crested there were views of Mt. Shasta

As well as my first views of Castle Crags

For several miles I hiked along with “Going Postal”. He’s a retired US Post Office employee who had started his hike in March from the Mexico border. He had previously hiked the Appalachian Trial. We had a nice conversation and it helped pass the time.

The last nine miles were downhill to where the PCT passes underneath Interstate-5. As I neared the interstate I crossed over the Sacramento River.

Sacramento River

I reached the interstate at 1:15pm and called the local taxi shuttle – they only have one car. I was picked up in twenty minutes. We stopped at the post office to pick up my resupply box and then he dropped me off at the motel.

I dropped my backpack off in my room and immediately walked the half-a-mile to the Black Bear Diner. I was looking forward to that burger as well as a beer. Unfortunately the California governor had just banned indoor dining so I had to eat my burger in a shaded area outside in 95 degree heat! And they couldn’t serve beer outside! So I had a big Dr. Pepper with free refills and enjoyed the burger anyway!

Later that evening I ordered take-out from the Italian restaurant across the street from the hotel.

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