Day 17: Sierra City

PCT Mile 1181.8 to 1195.4

Miles Hiked = 13.6

Today’s post will be short.

Last night I spent the night at Lasier Meadows Campground. I was up and hiking before 7am again and headed to Sierra City where I would pick up my resupply, enjoy some restaurant food and take a shower in the room that I reserved about a week ago. Oh yeah, I was also looking forward to sleeping in a bed.

Today’s hike was primarily downhill.

I was so motivated to get into town that I only took two photos along the way – they are both of the Sierra Buttes.Sierra City is located directly below the Sierra Buttes. Most of the rest of the today’s hike was in the forest so there weren’t a lot of photo ops anyway.

I got to town around noon and was soon enjoying a beer with a big juicy hamburger. Then I had another beer.

Life is good.

Thanks for following.

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