Day 6: Agua Dulce

Start: 444.3

End: 462.6

Miles Hiked: 18.3

This morning we were up and hiking by 7:30am. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Acton KOA and had leftover pizza for breakfast.

It was a foggy and overcast morning which was a distinct change from the previous five days. We had a TV in the KOA cabin (what a luxury!!!) so we knew there was a low pressure system moving through Southern California and that there was a chance of rain in about 24 hours.

As we left the KOA we crossed over the Santa Clara River and almost immediately passed the official Completion Monument from 1993.

This is where the PCT was officially completed in 1993 although work has continued since then. The Pacific Crest Trail was officially designed a National Scenic Trail by Congress in 1968 and the Fiftieth Anniversary was celebrated last year.

As we hiked into the hills that separate the Acton KOA from Agua Dulce we enjoyed the foggy views.

As we crested the hill the skies cleared and we enjoyed better views with blue skies and sunshine

Soon we passed through the Highway 14 underpass

And then entered Vasquez Rocks County Park. Apparently these rock formations were created by the San Andreas Fault. There have been many movies and television shows filmed in this area including Blazing Saddles, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Star Trek, The Twilight Zone and Planet of the Apes.

Soon we were walking into the town of Agua Dulce – I was tempted to visit the winery but did not.

Instead we headed to the Sweetwater Bar and Cafe for lunch – burgers, fries and soft drinks. Then we were back on the trail and heading into the hills above Agua Dulce.

It was a pretty good climb of about 2500 feet. We were tired and ready to make camp. Luckily we found a nice spot.

And enjoyed another nice sunset

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