Day 26 Upwards Towards Wrightwood

Please Note that this post was from last year (2018) – it never was published and I just discovered it in my draft folder.

Start: Mile 341.9 Interstate 15 (Elevation 2970)

End: Mile 360.0 Trailside Camp (Elevation 7400)

It was really good to see Donna last night and spend some time together. This morning, however, I had to get back on the trail. We were up early and saying our goodbyes at the PCT/Interstate 15 Junction at 6:45am.

As soon as I get on the trail, it passes through a tunnel that goes under the Interstate. This is a long tunnel – about 150 yards. And it has a bend in it so you can’t see the other end when you first enter. It’s dark and it’s kind of spooky.

Today was going to be a long day with a lot of elevation gain. There may be a water cache at about the five mile. Once I get on the other side of the interstate a large train comes rolling through.

There are a lot of trains that pass through the Cajon Pass area, probably 2-3 per hour. I’ve been hearing their horns blaring since Silverwood Lake several days ago. Then I had to pass under the train tracks, but this tunnel was not spooky.

The trail climbed up a few hundred feet and then entered a valley for several miles.

The trail eventually crossed over to the other side of the valley. When it crossed the dirt road in the center of the valley, there was a water cache so I “cameled up”. That’s a hiker term for drinking a lot of water (hydrating) so that you don’t have to carry so much in your pack.

When the trail reached the other side of the valley it started going up… and up…and up. Soon I had views down at the valley with the water cache.

After several more miles of upward hiking, I started to get great views of where I was headed.If you look closely, you can see the trail cutting across the hills in the foreground.

At around 1:30 I decided to take a long lunch break in a shady area. I was already at 15 miles for the day but decide to move on and get a little closer to Wrightwood. I eventually found a real nice camp spot that was about twenty-five yards down from the trail. It was nice that the trail had finally entered a more forested area with pine trees

Good night and thanks for reading.

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