Day 19: Big Bear Lake

Start: Mile 256.2 Arrastre Trail Camp

End: Mile 266.1 Junction Highway 18

It was COLD last night. I am a cold sleeper and had to wear all my layers including my puffy jacket and I was still cold. Donna didn’t wear her puffy but she was curled up under her down quilt all night long.

There were at least ten other tents in our camp area last night and we were one of the last to get on the trail this morning. And we were hiking by 7:10am. A lot of hikers were motivated to get into Big Bear today and enjoy hot food from a restaurant and sleep in a bed. Also, a lot of hikers needed to get to the post office to pick up their re-supply package by noon, otherwise they would have to wait until Monday. We were being picked up at noon by our good friends Rob and Stacy so our morning was more leisurely.

As we hiked this morning we enjoyed views of the local landscape and towards the desert east of the Big Bear. Even though we are at 7000+ feet of elevation the trail still had a distinct desert feel to it.

We enjoyed a snack and rest break under a Juniper Tree.

After four-plus hours we reached Highway 18 where Rob & Stacy we’re waiting.

There was also some trail magic (hot dogs and drinks) from Trail Angels. And we took a PCT survey by a graduate student from Utah.

That’s Kensey on the right – she is the graduate student doing the PCT survey. Dylan is on the right (her boyfriend) made the hot dogs. Thanks Kensey and Dylan!

It was good to see Rob and Stacy. They have a friend who has a cabin in Big Bear so we went there for the night. It’s always good to take a shower, do some laundry and have a bed to sleep in. Also Rob is a great cook and a wine collector so we enjoyed a good dinner of pasta and sausage with red sauce and bottle of 2005 Cabernet. Now you know why we have been looking forward to seeing Rob and Stacy!šŸ˜Š

After dinner we watched a DVD (The Hostiles) – it was good.

Thanks for following our PCT adventure.

5 thoughts on “Day 19: Big Bear Lake

  • Hey Todd and Donna, thanks for inviting us to be a part of your journey. It was a fun weekend hanging out with you guys. Hope to do it again when you reach the Sierras.


  • Yummy! That gourmet meal looks divine! And a bottle of good red wine? You must be in heaven! Enjoy! XO


  • Love following your adventure Todd and Donna. My son has decided to do the PCT walk this year and is a bit ahead of you on the trail. So I find it really nice to find someone in my age group doing the trail as well. Beautiful pictures and thanks for posting:)


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