Time To Hike

Today I flew to Medford, Oregon and then took an Uber to Callahan’s Lodge. This is where I ended my hike last summer. It’s only a few miles north of California. Tomorrow I resume my quest to hike 🥾🥾🥾 from Mexico to Canada along the Pacific Crest Trail.

Callahan’s Lodge is just off the trail at mile marker 1718. The Canadian border is at mile 2653. So there are approximately 935 trail-miles left to reach the Northern Border. I hope to complete these remaining miles by Labor Day.

I’m very excited that my daughter Sydney, who lives in Seattle and is completing a Masters program at the University of Washington, will be joining me to hike the PCT through the state of Washington. It will be good to have four feet on this path again – what a great way to finish! Thanks Sydney!

August 2020

As I flew into Medford this afternoon, I was surprised at how smoky it was. Apparently there are already (it’s early in the season!) several fires burning in Northern California and Oregon, including a large fire near Mt. Shasta. I’ve never worried about fires before while hiking but this year fires are my biggest concern – not for my safety but because of how fires can impact the hiking experience (views, air quality, trail closures, etc).

Also this year I’ve committed to recording more video – here’s an example:

And another one:

And lastly

Donna at Mile 200 (2018)

That’s all for now folks – I’ll be back on the trail early tomorrow morning in hopes of beating the heat🌞🥵. I’ll post again as soon as I have wifi. Thanks for following.

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