Day 17: Poopy Day

PCT Mile 1463.9 to 1484.9

Miles Hiked = 21.0

The morning started “as per usual” on the PCT. I was stirring by 5:15am and in short order was in the process of breaking down camp and re-packing my backpack. That’s when “as per usual” ended.

How can I put this delicately … I had a personal emergency and you might say that things did not come out as planned … in fact it was quite a mess … and required me to hike “commando” the rest of the day!

Although down “in the dumps” and slightly delayed, I was not totally discouraged and was hiking by 7:15am.

The trail was downhill for the first 9+ miles. Going downhill is usually nice (not always) but eventually the trend reverses and then it’s back to uphill. It would be easier if the trail was more or less flat for 2650 miles… but life is never ALWAYS easy, is it?

So downhill thru the forest I hiked

I met another forest friend

And continued my hike through the forest.

After about 7 miles I got to Ash Camp/Centipede Gulch Trailhead – it’s basically a trailhead at the end of a dirt road that is accessible to car campers and fisherman. The McCloud River runs adjacent to this camping area.

McCloud River

Luckily the trailhead/campground was empty. So I took the opportunity to “skinny dip” and do some laundry! It was actually very refreshing – I should do this more often!!!

Skinny Dip Site

I continued downhill for a few more miles and then started uphill. I soon came to Fitzhugh Gulch, the last water source for the next eight miles. I collected a couple liters.

Fitzhugh Gulch

I met another friend who didn’t mind sharing the water but didn’t want to get too close and kept a wary eye on me.

And then uphill I went for the next six miles. It was hot today – probably in the mid-80’s – so it was nice that I generally hiked in the shade of the forest.

But the forest doesn’t offer a lot of photo opportunities … no grand vistas or majestic views. Those are the perspectives that I prefer.

Late in the afternoon I arrived at a bridge that spans over Squaw Valley Creek.

Squaw Valley Creek

After crossing the bridge the PCT goes to the left. But there is a short side trail that goes 0.2 miles right to a trailhead called Cabin Creek. There are campsites there as well as a pit toilet! Better camp there tonight!

My camp at Cabin Creek

So today was my least favorite day on the trail this year … almost all forest hiking and no majestic views for miles above the tree line. All in all it was a thoroughly “poopy day”!

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