Day 16: Veer West

PCT Miles 1440.4 to 1463.9

Miles Hiked = 23.5

As I was getting ready to hit the trail this morning, PopTarts and Quotes passed by. I wished them good luck and doubted I would see them again. Their young legs and over three months of hiking allow them to hike close to thirty miles a day

It was another beautiful morning in Northern California – clear blue skies once again!

I enjoyed colorful purple flowers and more views towards Mt. Shasta

Since I started this section hike over two weeks ago, the PCT has generally headed in a northerly direction. Today it veered to the west and would continue in that direction, sometimes even in a south-westerly direction for the next 100+ miles.

I stopped at Moosehead Creek and filtered some water

The trail today was “relatively” flat and bounced around between 5000 to 6000 feet. Even on a “flat” day I hiked uphill almost 3600 feet, but I went downhill 4300 feet. Kind of flat, don’t you think?

Today’s elevation profile

Here are some more views from today’s hike

And then it happened again …. rattlesnake warning!!! Once again it took me a second or two to locate him. I had once again passed by within a foot or two before I was given a warning to stay away.

Later in the day I caught a glimpse of Mt. Lassen in the distance behind me – it’s only been five days since I exited the northern boundary of the park but yet it looked so far away.

Mt. Lassen in the distance

Later the trail cut across a hillside

Around 6pm I reached Deer Creek

I collected some water and camped nearby.

Thanks for following!

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