Day 15: Hiking On

Status Update: As I write this post it’s Day 25 and I’m in a small motel in Etna, CA. Today is a Zero Day. I exited the trail yesterday afternoon at mile 1600. I am doing well and have no physical problems. I’ll be back on the trail tomorrow with about six more days of hiking to Ashland, Oregon.

PCT Miles 1419.0 to 1440.4

Miles Hiked = 21.4

I slept well last night in Burney Falls State Park and was walking back through the campground towards the PCT by 6:30am. When I left, PopTarts and Quotes (the newly engaged couple) were still in their tent – the parents were gone. They had all quietly celebrated with Champagne last night as I retired to my tent.

The campground is quite large and there were campsites with tents, some with large RVs and even some small cabins that could be rented. There were ice chests and Coleman stoves on the picnic tables. There were bicycles and inter tubes and fishing poles. Just about all the conveniences of home. Quite the contrast with what we PCT hikers carry on our back.

I took one last look at the Falls in the early morning light

In a few minutes I was on the Trail and passed a bench with words to ponder

As I hiked away from the Park I caught glimpses of Lake Britton

In a few miles I walked across the dam that created the lake

Lake Britton Dam

As the trail rose up into the hills I passed by these pretty blooming plants

Later in the morning I came to a footbridge that crossed over Rock Creek

I stopped and collected some water for the upcoming miles.

The rest of the day was a slow and steady climb of approximately 2500 feet. I popped out on a ridge and enjoyed expansive views in the direction of where I was headed.

Wind turbines in the distance – look closely

Then dropped back down into the forest

I stopped for a rest and fixed up a gourmet lunch

Later in the afternoon I enjoyed nice views of Mt Shasta looming in the distance

Late in the afternoon I arrived at a spring where I would fill up for the evening and make camp nearby

I had seen very few hikers on the trail today but as I was preparing my dinner (boiling water to add to my packet of freeze-dried food) PopTarts and Quotes showed up. I directed them towards the spring and they camped nearby.

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