Day 13: Hat Creek Rim

PCT Miles: 1385.5 to 1409.8

Miles Hiked = 24.3

I slept well last night and was up and hiking at 6:15am. I knew it was going to be a long day. The next water source is the Cache 22 Water Tank at Mile 1393.5 – eight miles away – and then the next water source after that was over thirteen miles.

Shortly after I started hiking I came to a PCT register which I signed with my trail name.

As usual, it was a beautiful morning. I don’t know why I even bother to pack a rain jacket???

After a couple hours I came to a fenced in communication facility.

There was a nice shaded area so I took a short break and had a snack.

And then I continued on. I really enjoyed the views from the rim. Slowly Mt. Lassen became a distant memory and my focus turned to Mt. Shasta in the distance ahead of me.

Hat Creek Rim Video
Mt. Lassen to the South
Mt. Shasta to the North

The trail was generally good but because of the lava rocks I had to pay attention and stay focused. This would not be a good place to turn an ankle or take a fall.

I arrived at the Cache 22 Water Tank right at 10:00am. My understanding is that a Trail Angel maintains this water cache. If this water tank wasn’t here there would be over a twenty mile section with no water. Thank you Trail Angel!

Within a minute of my arrival at the water tank – in fact I was still trying to figure out exactly where the tank was – I heard the sound of a truck coming up the dirt road. Amazingly, it was the water truck coming to fill up the tank! What are the chances of that??? It had last been filled up in March.

The next water source was in 13.5 miles so I “cameled up” once again and continued on with about two liters of water. I enjoyed the hike and the views.

Mt. Shasta

In the early afternoon the trail dropped down from the rim towards the valley below. I stopped and had lunch right at the 1400 mile marker.

Then I continted on towards the next water source.

Finally, a little before 5pm, I arrived at an unnamed stream. There was an old plastic chair that someone had left so I took off my pack, collected and filtered some water, hydrated myself and took a short break.

Unnamed stream

The water gave me a boost and I decided to push on to the Burney Mountain Guest Ranch where I had sent my next resupply package. It was another three miles. As I hiked on there was suddenly an abundance of water.

As I headed uphill away from the water and towards the Guest Ranch I was suddenly jolted to attention. Three feet in front on me was a good- sized healthy rattlesnake.

I let him pass and finished my days hike.

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