Day 9: Zero Day in Chester

Current Status: Today was my 18th day on the trail. I am tired but physically doing well. This afternoon I exited the trail at mile 1501 where the PCT passes underneath Interstate 5. I will spend two nights in a small hotel in the town of Mt Shasta. I’ll take a zero day tomorrow to attend to town chores as well as to update this blog.

Today (i.e. Day 9) I spent my day in Chester attending to town activities. The first thing I did was go to Cravings to have breakfast and try to update my blog via their WiFi connection. Unfortunately their WiFi wasn’t any faster then the hotels, but I did have a very good breakfast and enjoyed hot coffee for the first time in over a week. I spent several hours there and was slowly able to upload photos and get out a few blogs.

Then I picked up my resupply box from the Post Office and did my laundry.

I stopped by the grocery store across the street from the hotel and picked up a few supplies for the trail.

Most of the rest of the afternoon was spend relaxing in my hotel room and posting more blog updates.

Back on the trail early tomorrow morning!

Thanks for following!

2 thoughts on “Day 9: Zero Day in Chester

  • I bet that breakfast was delicious! Hopefully a steak and a couple glasses of wine for dinner. Have a great nights sleep. Will Donna get to catch up with you on any of your stops to
    re supply?


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