Day 6: Caribou Crosroads

PCT Mile 1280.9 to 1286.9 in am

1286.9 to 1292.7 in pm

Miles Hiked = 11.8

I camped last night on a somewhat exposed ridge about 4000 feet above Belden. It was windy in the late afternoon but then calmed down before sunset and was nice during the night.

I was up at 6am and hiking by 7. It was a 6 mile downhill hike into Belden.

As I got lower down the hill I left the manzanita lined trail and entered a forest of oak trees

The trail was covered with fallen oak leaves

As I got lower I could start to hear cars and motorcycles along the highway. And then a long train passed by and reminded me of “Long Train Running” by the Doobie Brothers in the mid-seventies.

“Well the pistons keep on turning And the wheels go round and round The steel rails are cold and hard For the miles that they go down”

I soon reached the bottom and passed over those same railroad tracks

I arrived in Belden at 9:15. I had mailed my resupply box to Caribou Crossroads which is about one mile up the road (Highway 70) from Belden. Caribou Crossroads has a US Post Office as well as an RV Park. There is also a small restaurant and store. I was lucky enough to quickly hitch a ride from Belden to Caribou Crossroads from a nice lady who was staying at the RV Park with her family.

Caribou Crossroads

I picked up my resupply box and ordered breakfast

Normally Caribou Crossroads caters to PCT hikers but because this was the beginning of the Fourth of July weekend it was a little hectic. They were still very nice just busy with holiday weekend RVers.

I claimed a table under a shaded cover and went thru my resupply box and organized my food for the next few days

Originally I was going to pitch my tent and spend the night at Caribou Crossroads. But because it was so busy I decided to just spend the day, do my laundry and get a shower. Also I recharged all my electronics.

At 4:30 I decided to get back on the trail. I hitched a ride back to Belden and walked across a bridge that spans the Northern Fork of the Feather River.

And I was back in the trail

Belden’s elevation is 2200 feet and the trail goes up about 4800 over the next fourteen miles. As I climbed I enjoyed views of the river

My plan was to hike in five or six miles and then get up early the next day and finish the climb. I soon entered Lassen National Forest

I collected some water for the evening at Rattlesnake Spring

Then I found a place to camp

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5 thoughts on “Day 6: Caribou Crosroads

  • Great post! Beautiful scenery. Breakfast looks delish! Cute little town and store. Love the Doobie Brothers reference. Everything seems to be going well for you! Glad you are enjoying the journey! Dad was here for lunch a few days ago. I fed him left over baby back ribs and fresh corn on the cob and fresh fruit. He loves ribs! He is doing well. We are going to his house to take Ellison swimming next week. He saw the eye doctor and had his usual treatment. All is well here. Very HOT, 100 degrees plus. We fill up an old galvanized trough for Tater to stay cool. Ellie just wants in the house where it is cool. Love reading your posts! Shared up to day 4 with dad. He enjoys all the pics especially the Mt. Lassen photos. You must be getting close to Mt. Lassen considering the date today…7/11 and the post delays. Stay safe. Keep moving. Smell those flowers. Love, M


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