Day 5: Looking forward to Belden

Note: I apologize for binge posting today – I would prefer to only post once or twice per day but today is the only day I have WiFi (and it’s not very good) and I’m not sure when my next opportunity to post updates will be???

PCT Mile 1259.9 to 1280.9

Miles Hiked = 21.0

Last night I camped adjacent to Lookout Rock – it was one of the better campsites that I can remember. As usual, I was awakened this morning shortly after 5am as the night skies faded away. I enjoyed the following view from inside my tent!

I was on the trail by 6:30 and continued my trek north. My pack was down to one day’s ration of food so was feeling light. Tomorrow morning I hoped to arrive in Belden along the North Fork of the Feather River. I would pick up a resupply of food and supplies that I had mailed to myself several weeks ago. I also hoped to take a shower, do my laundry and enjoy several meals in the local restaurant. That was enough to keep me motivated today.

27.5 miles to Belden

Morning hikes are always enjoyable – fresh legs, strong back, cool temperatures and early morning sunshine through the forest.

I passed by these flowers in the forest

I crossed a paved road that leads to Bucks Lake which has resorts, restaurants, campgrounds and a small country store. Some hikers detour there for the amenities, usually food and drink … I continued on the trail.

As the sun rose higher in the sky it felt like it would be a warmer day than the previous few. I hiked on and passed through lovely meadows

There was even a small pond

Later in the morning I rose out of the forest and enjoyed expansive views of the Northern California mountains

Silver Lake

And even got another glimpse of Mt Lassen

Later in the afternoon I hiked for several miles with another “senior” PCT section hiker. This is him ahead of me in another pretty mountain meadow.

He had started at Donner Pass ( near Truckee on Interstate 80) about a week ago carrying fourteen days of food. He said his pack was over 60 pounds!!! My pack weighs 25 pounds (at most) and sometimes feels heavy at that weight. So, he clearly is a lot tougher than me …. although maybe not as smart. Hahaha – sometimes I crack myself up.🤣

I enjoyed another sunset from my camp above Belden – only seven downhill miles tomorrow morning!

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