Day 16: It’s About The Trail

PCT Miles 1160.9 to 1181.8

Miles Hiked = 20.9

Today was another beautiful morning as I again hit the trail by 7am – there were a few high clouds but the skies were essentially blue and clear.

When I’m home I follow other hikers blogs on the Pacific Crest Trail Association (PCTA) website. If interested go to and then click on Blog and then Journalist.

As I hiked this morning I thought about the “purpose” of my current blog. When Donna and I started at the Southern Terminus last year, the purpose was to keep a journal of our experience and share it with family and friends and others who may be interested. I guess that is still the main purpose. But as I experience more and more of the PCT, my blog is really about sharing The Trail with family and friends and interested others. The PCT is so amazing, so diverse, so unique and so beautiful. So, it’s really All About The Trail!

Today was an easier hiking day mainly because there was not as much elevation gain.As you can see from the above screen shot of today’s elevation profile, I had more downhill than uphill. Thank you Trail.

As I hiked this morning I passed through these fields of blooming Woolly Mules Ears.I’ve actually been passing through a lot of these colorful fields. They are usually on hillsides with lots of sunshine.

I passed this large tree on a hillside next to a field of Mules Ears.I took a mid-morning rest/snack break and enjoyed the following view of the surrounding forestA little later I filled up at Snowbank Spring which was only 25 feet off the trail – this may be the best water I’ve had along the PCT. It was clear and ice cold!This wasn’t a stream – it was a spring bubbling up out of the ground about five feet above the trough in the above photo.

Before I stopped for lunch I enjoyed more views of the surrounding landscapesLater in the afternoon, I was up on a ridge with great 360 degree views, so shot the following video.Even later in the afternoon, I passed through more Wooly Mule Ear fields.I ended up camping at a campground that was a little off the PCT (3/4 mile) but it was worth it to have a picnic table, water spigot, trash can and a restroom. Yippee!Thanks for reading.

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