Day 13: Dick’s Pass

PCT Miles 1098.4 to 1118.8

Miles Hiked = 20.4

I started hiking this morning at 7am and didn’t stop until 6pm. It was a long day and I was tired when I stopped for the night. But that is typical for the PCT. Many, if not most, of the thru-hikers I have met will hike 25+ miles per day after they get through the Sierra’s. They have to keep up this pace just to complete the trail in one season. But a twenty mile day is a long day on my old legs (and feet and body in general)!

I had camped at Aloha Lake last night. It was a beautiful morning as I left camp.

Soon after I started hiking I passed a young thru-hiker named Pancake. He had started at the Southern Terminus in mid-May and hiked north to the Sierras. Then, because of the heavy snow in the Sierras, he flipped to Chester, which is in Northern California, and hiked all the way to the Canadian border. He then returned to Chester and was now hiking southbound to finish the Sierras. He only had about 300 miles to finish the entire trail – probably less than three weeks. By my calculations he will have completed the entire trail (2650 miles) in 115-120 days – that is fast!!!

The first few miles were relatively flat and then I had a 1700 foot climb up to Dick’s Pass. There was still some patches of snow along the northern side of the mountains.

On the way up to the pass I chatted with a group of weekend hikers that had their food stolen by a bear last night near Susie Lake! They were making plans to hike out today and cut their hike short. As I climbed higher I had good views back towards the “bear-infested” Susie Lake.

As I approached Dick’s Pass I passed some prayer flags – it reminded me of trekking in Nepal.

When I got to the Pass I had cell service so I called Donna to check in and see how she was doing. I also talked to my youngest son (Travis) which was nice.

The afternoon was mainly a downhill hike though the forest.

I passed by a few pretty lakes.As I hiked, the Trail exited the Desolation Wilderness.

Finally I got to Richardson Lake which is where I camped for the night.

Thanks for following.

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