Day 10 & 11: Zero Days

Donna and I enjoyed two days together in South Lake Tahoe, primarily just relaxing and hanging out at the pool (and eating!).

I found out that she got approved for the GAE procedure of her right knee (I described it in the first blog of this section hike) at UCLA this next week so I decided to return home with her. Hopefully I’ll be back soon to continue my journey north.

Until then, thanks for following.

8 thoughts on “Day 10 & 11: Zero Days

  • Great news for Donna! Time for you to rest your legs and get ready for the next phase! You once again make me feel like a slug! As I sip my Chardonnay and sit on the couch! 🍷🍷🍷
    Enjoy this blog so much


  • Glad Donna got to spend a couple days relaxing with you and best wishes for success with her knee. Looking forward to following your journey when you return.


  • Great news about Domna ‘s knee procedure …would really like to hear how it heals up and the rehab that goes with the recovery
    Just returned from up north on Jalisco and are getting ready to go south Michoacan ( and see where Lorena Ochoa lives in Punta Privida) Will be having an old surfer reunion of all of us who have been surfing here in paradise for the last 50 years at Punta La Ticla on Tuesday. Ticla is one of the most consistent and longest left breaks in the world. Still unspoiled and still an all natural state beach park kind of area. You would love it Todd..
    has that Big Sur feel to it. Your hike is quite the adventure of a lifetime and your journals remide me of John Steinbeck on his beloved ventures west….the photos, Ansel Adams. We bought a home here and wish you all to come and stay and let us show you all the real Mexico. The home is to be kept secret until the time is right to announce it to the rest of the family and friends….so long for now my brother and kept it safe and healthy and give Donna our love….db&gb


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