Day 3: Water Water Everywhere

PCT Mile 973.4 to 990

Miles Hiked = 16.6

Today was another challenging day in the backcountry. I was up and hiking by 7:15. I started the morning with a 1000 foot climb up to Seavey Pass. On the way up I passed this cascading narrow waterfall.

And the trail passed thru this fern grotto.

There was still snow near the top.

And then I passed this lake with awesome reflections – I really like the reflection of the snowfield and the barren diagonal tree.

Shortly after Seavey Pass, the trail took a sharp turn to the left (west) and followed along a cascading creek down Kerrick Canyon for about three miles.

At the bottom, there was a large, deep, fast moving creek to cross. Rather than wading across, I used this large fallen tree.

Following the crossing I met a young man named Kazoo – he is thru-hiking the trail and had a late start in mid-May. He hikes about twenty-five mikes a day. He’ll have to keep up that pace in order to reach Canada by October 1. I wished him good luck.

After a short snack break I started my second uphill climb of the day. This one was only about 800 feet up. As I hiked up the trail, there were spots where water was running down the trail.

Following the next descent, I came to Stubblefield Creek which has a reputation of being a difficult crossing early in the season. I waded across just downstream of the path – up to my knees – easy peasy!

Just following the crossing, as I started the next climb, I passed this deer – she let me get within twenty feet!

This last climb of the day was the most difficult. It was only 1200 feet up, which isn’t that much compared to many other climbs, but I was already getting tired and therefore wasn’t moving very fast. There were nice views of the surrounding mountains.

I got to the top about 3pm and had only hiked about 11.5 miles for the day! I needed to pick up the pace! Luckily the remainder of the day’s hike was downhill and on nice smooth trails through the forest. I passed Wilma Lake which was very pretty.

And then continued down the trail for a few more miles to my intended camping spot at mile 990. I took this short video of the adjacent stream.

Finally I reached my intended campsite. It was close to the steam, was away from the trail a bit and had a nice flat spot to set up my tent. But it was MOSQUITO HELL!!! I set up camp and got in my tent as soon as possible otherwise I would have been eaten alive and unable to send any posts.

Thanks for following and keep those comments a coming.

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