Day 17: Onward

Start: Mile 583.3

End: 602.1

Miles Hiked = 18.8

This morning I was up at first daylight – about 5:30am – and was on the trail at 6:20. It was a beautiful morning. Mornings are my favorite time on the trail. The temperature is cool, my legs are fresh and I’m ready for the challenges that the day will offer. Late afternoons are always the most difficult, particularly if there is a significant uphill hike, because my legs and entire body are getting tired.

Within a few minutes of starting my hike today I saw a few deer, maybe three or four. They were the first deer I had seen this year. As soon as they heard me they moved away from the trail and were gone. I didn’t have time to get a photo. I assumed that they were close to where I camped because of the nearby water source.

The next water was at Robin Bird Spring, 18.8 miles ahead. That was my goal for today. I left camp this morning with three liters of water. I probably only needed two for the day, but I always carry an extra liter, just in case. You never know exactly how warm it will be (warmer means more water consumption) or if you’ll run into a problem that prevents you from reaching the next water source.

I took my usual morning break and enjoyed the views of the surrounding hills and distant wind farms.

I passed a really pretty pink flower that several bees were enjoying

And continued on up and down the trail.

I had lunch in a nice cool grassy area under some trees

In the afternoon I passed mile 600

I reached Robin Bird Spring by 4pm. It was nice to stop and set up camp a little earlier than usual and have time to rest before dinner.

Thanks for reading.

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