Day 16: Back on the Trail #2

Start: Mile 566.5

End: Mile: 583.3

Miles Hiked = 16.8

Donna and I had spent the last four days at home waiting for the inclement weather to pass through Southern California. It was great to be home and sleep in my own bed and enjoy home-cooked food and city luxuries. Every time I walked up the stairs, however, I could feel the fatigue in my legs – they definitely don’t recover like they did when I was 30 (or even 50)! But it was time to get back on the trail.

This morning we were up at 5am and on the interstate by 5:45. Twenty minutes later I realized that I didn’t have my iPhone, so we turned around to retrieve it. I’m usually very organized. Apparently my mind, just like my legs, does not work as well either!

In any event, we were back at the trail near Tehachapi by 8:30 and I said my goodbyes to Donna and Beau.

The trail is flat and runs adjacent to Highway 58 for the first mile or so

and then begins a steady upward climb of about 2500 feet over the next five-plus miles. My legs felt strong and I passed several other “mature” hikers. As I hiked up the hill I watched several trains rumble by below in both directions. I enjoyed the views down towards the highway and the adjacent train tracts.

As I neared the top of my climb I looked back in a southerly direction, back towards where I started several weeks ago in Wrightwood. I was amazed that I could still see snow covered Mt. Baldy and nearby Mt. Baden-Powell. The photo below doesn’t really do justice to the view but they are there in the distance under the clouds.

I continued climbing higher,

descended for a while

and then hiked uphill again.

And that’s how the trail goes – up and down and then back up. Over and over. Mile after mile. Then I passed through another Wind Farm.

I started hiking this morning with almost three liters of water. My goal today was to get to Golden Oaks Spring, the next water source, over sixteen miles up the trail. By late afternoon I was there.

I decided to camp there for the night. It was a popular camping site because the next water source was another nineteen miles up the trail – that would be my goal for tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.

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