Day 14: Nero Into Tehachapi

Start: Mile 549

End: Mile 558.5

Miles Hiked = 9.5

I knew I had a short hike today. I stayed in my sleeping bag for a little later than usual. I had camped next to Trail Magic so there were a few other hikers camped nearby. I was the last one to pack up and get back on the trail but was still hiking by 7:30am.

Thanks very much to the Trail Angels (Daniel, Robert & Patti) that keep this site stocked with water, fresh fruit, cookies, chairs and umbrellas for shade. You guys are awesome!!!

It was a cool and windy morning but the views were still nice!

Soon I was amongst the wind turbines again – it felt like the wind was blowing at least 30mph. At times I was hiking directly into the wind.

The flowers, however, were still in bloom – they didn’t seem to mind the wind at all.

My pack was relatively light ( little food and not much water) so I was able to move quickly. I was at the road by 10:15 and soon caught a hitch into Tehachapi. I was looking forward to seeing Donna!

Thanks for following.

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