Day 10: Back on the Trail

Start: Mile 478.2

End: Mile 493.4

Miles Hiked = 15.2

Donna and I left Casa de Luna less than forty-eight hours ago because of her knee injury. After a full zero day at home yesterday, I was ready to return to the trail. I switched out a couple pieces of gear (smaller tent and new NeoAir Uberlite sleeping pad) and adjusted my food supply for the next segment to Hikertown.

We were up this morning at 5am and grabbed two cups of coffee, a blueberry muffin and a banana at the local coffee bistro. A few minutes later we were on the interstate and headed back towards Green Valley. It wasn’t long before we were back at the trail near Casa de Luna. After a quick goodbye, Donna turned the car around and headed back home. My two feet headed back into the hills.

It was another beautiful morning. As I hiked along the manzanita lined trail, I was not alone. There were literally thousands of butterflies feasting on the manzanita.

I believe these are Painted Lady Butterflies.

As I approached each bush, the butterflies would take to flight and I would have a cloud of butterflies circling around my head. My video doesn’t quite do justice to the butterfly spectacle, but here it is:

I enjoyed more fine views of the Southern California wilderness including more views of the upcoming Mojave Desert.

In the afternoon, as the trail gained in elevation, I enjoyed the shade of the trees

I decided to camp at Upper Shake Campground which is located about half a mile off the PCT. This appeared to be an unmaintained campground and was under disrepair. But there were still a few picnic tables, so life was good on my first solo night back on the trail.

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