Day 4: Onward We Go

Start: Mile 420.8

End: Mile 436.1

Hiking Miles = 15.3

This morning we were up and hiking before 7am and I found myself chasing my shadow

It was another beautiful morning. We passed under power lines

and more areas that were burned in the 2009 Station Fire

But fortunately did not see a lot of Poodle Dog Bush. After we reached the top of a moderate climb I took a photo of Donna during our rest break


We hiked a bit further and had lunch at Messenger Flat Campground where there were picnic tables – this photo was taken as we approached the campground from above (it’s in the group of trees to the left of the dirt road)

After lunch we continued towards Canada (I’m being a little dramatic – we’re actually just planning on going to Kennedy Meadows on this section hike – it’s known as the beginning of the Sierra’s) and enjoyed more views

The afternoon hike continued downhill for about 2000 feet in elevation over about 5 miles. Donna’s right knee seems to be doing better since Days 1 and 2 (roadwalk and day after). Going uphill is definitely more strenuous and tiring but going downhill is usually more difficult on the knees and more risky as far as falls and accidents. I’m always more worried about Donna when we go downhill, especially if it’s rocky and steep and not a smooth terrain.We had one last little climb

And then a final descent to our destination for the night – the North Fork Ranger Station

If you look closely you can see the trail just below the distant ridge line in the above photo.

Finally we could see the Ranger Station

And we were able to by a beer (Root Beer – it still was awesome) and set up camp with water nearby

Here’s where we ended up

Thanks for reading

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