Day 2 : On the Trail again!

Start: Buckhorn Campground – 1.7 mile hike to rejoin PCT at mile 394

End: Mile 406.6 Sulphur Springs Trail Campground

Hiking Miles = 14.3 miles

We were up and hiking by 7:20 and rejoined the PCT by 8:00. Soon the trail crossed Highway 2, the first of four crossings today. Along the way we passed PCT mile 400.We enjoyed more nice views today of the Southern California mountains and the Mojave desert in the distance.

When we started our road walk yesterday, we met a father and son hiking the PCT together. They started at the Southern Terminus (Mexican border) about one month ago. I don’t think we’ve met another parent/child hiking team. They are super nice and are faster hikers then we are so I don’t know if we’ll see them much more. Good luck Rob (the Dad) and Ken!Donna’s right knee was sore today – we both are concerned. Was it because of the road walk yesterday? Or her injury from last year? Or both? I guess time will tell.

Tonight was the second night in a row that we camped in a campground. It’s a luxury to have a picnic table. Most of the places that we camp at along the trail are just established camp sites in the wild. If there is a rock or log to sit on it’s appreciated but a picnic table is a little slice of heaven.

This is a typical dinner for us on the trail: baby bells and salami for appetizers, a little Jackie D for myself, a shared freeze dried dinner (tonight it was chicken noodle casserole), and M & M’s for dessert. Yummie!!!

Hiker bedtime is sundown – about 8pm.

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