PCT/Year 2

Family, Friends and Followers,

Donna and I will be getting back on the PCT in two days. We are excited to continue our journey north and are hoping to complete the remainder of the Southern California “desert section” to Kennedy Meadows. If all goes well, then we will continue north from Tuolumne Meadows in early July following our family vacation to Jackson Hole in June. We are skipping the Sierras because we have already hiked the trail between Kennedy Meadows and Tuolumne – most of this section being the John Muir Trail which we hiked together in 2013 and I hiked solo in 2005.

Last year (2018) we started on April 17 at the PCT Southern Terminus. Our goal was to thru hike the entire trail in one season but as Robert Burns wrote in his famous poem To a Mouse “the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry”.

We still want to hike the entire Pacific Crest Trail but we now consider ourselves section hikers and will try to complete as many miles as we can this season. Hopefully, our bodies will cooperate. We will continue hiking sections of the trail over the next several years until we complete the entire trail.

As some of you may remember, Donna had to leave the trail last year in Big Bear because of a torn meniscus in her right knee. A few days after we got home, she had arthroscopic surgery which did not seem to help. About two months later, she had stem cells injected. Big Success!

A couple days after Donna left the trail, I returned to Big Bear and continued hiking solo. But, as I wrote last year, it just didn’t feel right so I abandoned my hike just past Wrightwood because her two feet “were missing”. Our dream is for four feet to hike the trail (path). We will be starting our hike in a few days where I exited the trail last year.

Today we completed our final training hike in Crystal Cove State Park – here are a few photos:

I will continue to post blog updates when in town and WiFi is available. In addition, we will post to our Instagram accounts: Donna (Turleylove) and Todd (Trailwine).

We also want to give a big thanks to my sister (Melissa) and her husband (Dan) who will be taking care of our 9-month old Beagle (Beau). We couldn’t hike the PCT without your help – thanks so much. We love you guys.Thanks for reading.

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