Day 28: It’s Four Feet Stupid!

Start: Mile 369.3 Inspiration Point – Hwy 2

End: Mile 374 Vincent Gap – Hwy 2

I had spent the night in Wrightwood and had re-supplied for the next four days. I was up at 5:10am and out on the highway with my thumb out by 5:45am. Luckily a nice lady picked me up and dropped me off at Inspiration Point where I would rejoin the PCT. At 6:05am I was hiking up the trail – it was another beautiful morning.

I had been hiking the past week from Big Bear Lake to Wrightwood without Donna. She had her knee surgery yesterday and was home recovering. I have solo backpacked many times so was comfortable being out here by myself but something was missing. This dream of OURS of hiking the PCT was supposed to be FOUR FEET. As my two feet hiked this morning I realized that two feet were missing. I could either try to hike the trail solo or wait for Donna to heal and continue to hike it together. By 8am I had decided I was going home.

Soon I was crossing Highway 2 again – this time at Vincent Gap. I took my pack off at the side of the highway and waited for a car to come by heading back towards Wrightwood. Not one car came by in the next hour so I road-walked the three miles back to Inspiration Point.

Shortly after arriving Cowboy John drove up. He is the Wrightwood Trail Angel that had picked me up yesterday and driven me into Wrightwood. My plan was to hitch back to Wrightwood, then hitch back to Cajon Pass where I hoped I could Uber home (90 minutes).

When I explained Donna’s situation and what I was trying to do, Cowboy John offered to drive me all the way home!!! Is that amazing!!! Two hours later I was at home.

Thank You Cowboy John – you are amazing!!!

Donna and I had hoped to hike the entire 2650 mile Pacific Crest Trail in one continuous thru-hike. It wasn’t meant to be.

Our plan now is to section hike the trail over the next several years. We hope that we’ll be back out on the trail later this summer.

Thanks for your interest and support.

12 thoughts on “Day 28: It’s Four Feet Stupid!

  • Unbelievable but a true testimony to how special you two are. Your a team, a dynamic duo…..not surprised at all. Here’s to fast healing for Donna so you two can get those feet back out there .


  • You are so right about your theme and your dream. Glad you are home with Donna and will still be able to accomplish your hike, just in a few more fun size portions than one king size! Enjoy your rest & recovery for all four feet.


  • Great decision, but sad that your dreams didn’t pan out this time. I have No doubt that you both will complete the PCT together. Hope Donna is feeling better.


  • When the dream is to do something like the PCT together….then you made the right decision. One dream, one path, four feet – shared memories! My husband and I have plans to do the PCT in the next few years. Thank you for sharing your hike.


  • These Trail Angels are amazing. They seem to make it a full time job assisting all of the hikers. We know you and Donna together will make the trail so much more fun at a later date.


  • So sorry that you’re dream didn’t play out as hoped, but your decision to hike it in sections together is testimony to your loving partnership. Things happen for a reason so trust that there’s a reason for this change of plans.


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