Day 25: Cajon Pass

Start: Mile 329.5 Picnic Area near Silverwood Lake

End: Mile 341.9 Interstate 15

I was on the trail again by 7am and knew I would have an relatively easy hike today to the junction of the PCT with Interstate 15.

I was looking forward to seeing Donna – she was going to meet me at the Best Western Cajon Pass.

As I hiked up the trail away from Silverwood Lake, I enjoyed the views back towards the lake.

The picnic area that I camped in last night is in the foreground of the above photo.

The first few miles of the trail were uphill as I left the Silverwood Lake area and then headed lower for the next few miles. As looked westward towards the Cajon Pass I could see clouds.

The trail passed through a pretty valley as it headed towards I-15. This is a photo looking back at the valley.

Then the trail headed back uphill and over a ridge to reveal views of Cajon Pass and Interstate 15.

The final few miles before the Interstate were downhill and very windy. It was nice to finally reach I-15 and the infamous sign directing PCT hikers to McDonalds.

I enjoyed a Big Mac, large order of fries and several large Dr. Peppers. Hit the spot!

It was a short walk to the Best Western. I checked in and Donna arrived shortly. It was really good to see her and get updated on her knee and all the happenings at home.

It was also nice to do some laundry and take a shower.

And then Donna surprised me with a delicious dinner of ribs, a baked potato and a fresh salad. Yum!!!

Thanks for following.

3 thoughts on “Day 25: Cajon Pass

  • Beautiful day! My mouth is watering for Tutu’s yummy meal… & that McDonald’s appetizer sure sounds tasty, too! Glad you’re doing well


  • Keep it going Todd! I’m looking forward to reading your trail adventures each am, like a good book! Have fun and stay safe out there


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