Day 24: Silverwood Lake

Start: 312.2 Deep Creek Campsite

End: 329.5 Picnic Area near Silverwood Lake

I had a good night ‘s sleep last night. My campsite was on a ridge and a little exposed but the winds weren’t too bad so the night worked out well.

My goal today was to get to Silverwood Lake at mile 328.5. There would be water, restrooms and picnic tables. My understanding was that this was the last water source before reaching the I-15 interchange at mile 342, where I would meet Donna tomorrow.

Very shortly after starting my hike I dropped down to the Mojave River Forks Dam at the end of Deep Creek. This is a flood control dam. Now I’m confused in exactly what the proper name of the creek is – is it Deep Creek or Mojave River??? I don’t know for sure. Anyway this is the dam – the creek is on the left.

Shortly after passing below the dam on the creek side, I crossed the creek and filtered some water. This is where the creek flows through under the dam.

Here’s a view looking back at the dam after I had hiked up the PCT about a mile or so.

As I continued northbound on the PCT (actually the trail is heading westward here as you travel north towards Canada), I had more views towards the upcoming San Gabriel Mountains,

stopped for a mid-morning snack

and enjoyed views of the pasturelands in the foreground.

Soon I passed under the Silverwood Lake Dam

And after a few more miles I reached the lake. It’s a big lake and it took a while to hike to the end of it where the picnic tables and restrooms were.

As soon as I got to the picnic tables, someone was driving by selling ice cream. I couldn’t resist.

Some of the other PCT hikers had ordered a pizza and they were nice enough to give me a couple slices. After eating and resting a bit, I hiked another mile or so to this picnic area near Silverwood Lake. There was water and an electrical outlet, so I decided to camp here and charge my phone and portable phone charger.

And I enjoyed another delicious dinner on the trail.

Tomorrow morning I will fill up with water for my 13 mile walk to the I-15 junction where I would meet my honey (Donna!). I have missed her the last three days.

Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “Day 24: Silverwood Lake

  • You are covering ground and getting closer to the Sierras everyday. The covered picnic table area looks really nice and your campsite pic is one of the nicest spots you have shown. The ice cream looks yummy and must really hit the spot on the trail. I hope they don’t take advantage of the PCT hikers and over charge! Also nice that the others hikers shared their pizza. I am amazed with the kindness and generosity of other hikers. The trail angels are amazing! We need more kindness and generosity in our lives everyday. You must miss your hiking partner but I know she will be back on the trail with you as soon as possible. All is fine here at home…Miss Ellison keeps us smiling everyday! Be safe and enjoy!

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