Day 23: Deep Creek

Start: Mile 292.4 Holcomb Creek Trailside Camp

End: Mile 312.2 Deep Creek Trailside Camp

This morning I was up before 6am and hiking at 6:30. I knew I had to hike close to twenty miles today so I was motivated from the get-go.

I had camped in a forested area along Holcomb Creek. The first few miles today continued along this creek and I passed several large established camping areas.

Soon I had views north towards the San Gabriel Mountains which are east of Los Angeles. The PCT passes through this mountain range and I expect to be there in a few days. If you look closely you can even see the fog bank that is stretching up I-15 near the Cajon Pass.

After about six miles I crossed a bridge

and got to a junction with a short side trail that went to Splinters Cabin,

which had pit toilets (awesome!) and trash cans (nice!). I made deposit in each and lightened my load (Hahaha).

When I returned to the official PCT I was soon traveling down Deep Creek Canyon. There was a lot of water flowing down Deep Creek but the trail stayed several hundred fee above it for most of the afternoon.

I passed the 300 mile mark – another notch in the hiker belt.

And continued down Deep Creek for about fourteen miles. There were a lot of inviting swimming pools but unfortunately the trail was too far above the creek.

At about Mile 308 there is the Deep Creek Hot Springs. This is a popular destination for PCT hikers as well as local people. It is known as a “clothing optional” destination. As I approached the hot springs I saw the following sign, apparently placed by “Party Boy”.

Not one to party with strangers nor take my clothes off around strangers, I continued on down the trail. But I did snap a few photos.

I did hike down to the stream to collect drinking water above the hot springs as I was warned not to drink the water below the Springs (for obvious reasons).

Soon I passed over another bridge

and then continued for another few miles until I reached my camp site above the dam at the bottom of Deep Creek.

Sunset was nice

Thanks for following our PCT journey.

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