Day 21: Zero Day; Donna’s Knee!!!

Miles: 0

Today we spent the day in Big Bear. It had been planned as as zero day where we don’t hike any miles.

Our plan today was to organize our food re-supplies for the next month, package them in USPS Priority Mail boxes and mail them forward. We were sending re-supply packages forward to three locations – the Best Western at I-15, the Acton KOA and Hikertown near Lancaster.

Rob and Stacy, who we had spent the last few days with us, had brought us some re-supply food (freeze-dried food, energy bars. etc.) that we had previously given to them. We also needed to go to the local grocery stores to buy additional supplies (fresh tortillas, cheese, salami, peanut butter and of course a little Jack Daniels).

Since Big Bear Lake is a little spread out, we rented a car for the day. We ran to the grocery store, picked up a hiker-friend (GQ) and took him to the grocery store and then to the trailhead and made several trips to the local post office to mail our re-supply boxes. I think we mailed a total of 6 boxes. At the end of the day we picked up another hiker friend (Dana) who had slack-packed the same part of the trail that we had yesterday, and brought her to the hotel for the night. So it was a busy day. We weren’t hiking, but were busy taking care of other hiking-related business.

At the end of the day, after all our chores had been completed, we decided to order a pizza from the local pizza shop. It was five minutes away. When I returned with the pizza, Donna had a funny look on her face. Apparently, when she got up, her knee locked up. Now she couldn’t walk or put any weight on her right leg. It was very apparent that her hike at ended, at least for immediate future. We were both emotional but agreed that we needed to return home tomorrow (home is only 2 hours away) and get her to the doctor.

So that’s our plan. Donna has had two arthroscopic knee surgeries in the past, both for a torn meniscus, and feels like this is the same problem. We will see.

My initial feeling is that I will get Donna home and to the doctor. Then I will likely return to the trail solo. It will be different and not what we had planned. Hopefully Donna will be able to join me later down the trail.

Thanks for reading – I will update you when I know more.

13 thoughts on “Day 21: Zero Day; Donna’s Knee!!!

  • Oh Donna Is am so sad that this time hiking the PCT didn’t turn out, but I know you and you will do it sometime, maybe when Todd is home recovering! You are amazing and hope Todd’s hike will bring you close to us in wine country and Santa Rosa! We can be your Sonoma County wine angels with wine and food. Valette again? Or just at home with us for maybe a night or two is a better choice . But we will drive to meet you guys where you are in are neighborhood and Nor Cal, and of course bring wine! You and Todd are freakin amazing!❤️


  • Oh I am so sorry about your knee, Donna. Sending you wishes for a speedy recovery. Todd, if I were in your hiking boots, I’d get more peanut butter. Well, I’d probably do that no matter what. Safe travels home.


  • Well, Todd, I think you just need to get a trail friendly wheel chair, if such a thing exists, and push Donna on the trail while her knee heals! Seriously, I am so sorry that you ran into this problem. I have knee problems also so I know how difficult and painful a knee can be…add the backpack and some up and down elevation and this could have been a bigger disaster. Luckily, you were in Big Bear and not in the middle of a long stretch of trail with no civilization. So welcome back to your home, a rather lovely place to be, and hope the doctor has good news and Donna can get back on the trail soon. In the meantime, Todd, get back out there and kick some ass on the trail. All who know and love Donna will rally around Her for whatever support she needs. I will personally be in charge of picking up Sprinkles Cupcakes as soon as I get down to CDM! Maybe I will bring Ellie Mae down so Donna gets some more puppy love to cheer her up. Donna is a strong independent woman and I know she will get through this! Thinking of you both. Love, M


  • Oh my goodness! Feel better Donna!
    I have been enjoying your blog sooo much; you guys are totally inspiring!


  • I’m so sorry to hear about Donna😢 Give her our best and hope she can re join you soon. It has been so inspiring to follow your travels!


  • So sorry Donna😕You are an inspiration to all of use following your blog. We hope and pray it’s not serious but Either way we know what a trooper you are. Best Wishes 🤞


  • So sorry to hear about Donna’s knee, and we hope she recovers soon. Good luck with your plans. Keep us posted.


  • That stinks about Donna’s knee. Prayers for a speedy recovery and for Todd’s success on his remaining journey.


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