Day 17: Up Mission Creek

Start: Mile 227.2 Mission Creek Campsite

End: Mile 239.9 Mission Camp

This morning we were up and out of the tent before 6am and on the trail at 6:45am. It was another beautiful morning.

We knew that today would be a big uphill climb. Our goal was to get to Big Bear Lake in two more days where we would be meeting our good friends Rob and Stacy. Big Bear Lake is about 6600 feet in elevation but the trail would climb to over 8700 feet in order to get there. Yesterday we started out at 1300 feet in Cabazon. We were starting today at 3400 feet. At the end of the day we would be over 7900 feet, a total of 4500 feet uphill today.

We camped last night at the trails first crossing of Mission Creek. Today our hike would follow this creek for at least ten miles and would criss-cross it at least a dozen times, maybe more.

At least we would not have to carry a lot of water like during some of the waterless stretches in the desert!

The first ten miles of today’s hike was a steady and gradual climb – not too steep but consistently up.

As you can see it was still a desert scrub environment.

Towards the end of the day the trail got steeper and we entered into an area of a previous fire.

Finally we reached Mission Camp which is where we were going to camp for the night. When I walked down to the spring to fill up our water containers, I heard a dog barking from one of the tents. I went over to say hello and met “Walk About Jim” from Tennessee and his two dogs Baby and Bumpkin. Donna was able to get some puppy love on the trail.

What’s amazing is that Walk About Jim and his two dogs had hiked here from the southern border and were planning on going all the way to Canada!!!

We set up our tent, had dinner and were under our down quilts by hiker midnight (again). Tomorrow we will continue our hike towards Big Bear Lake.

Thanks for following.

3 thoughts on “Day 17: Up Mission Creek

  • Terrific pictures. The blooming Yucca is beautiful.We may find these pics in National Geographic some day.
    You two keep up the good work.


  • I am so glad that Donna is getting her Puppy Love along the way. Baby and Bumpkin look like relatives of my Ellie Mae! I think the first thing on your “To Do” list when you finish this trip is to get a puppy! Are these dogs going to walk the entire PCT? I didn’t think that dogs were permitted…but I am glad they are! Maybe Donna’s trail name should be the “Puppy Love Lady”!? Your pictures are beautiful, once again. I think many of us take for granted the beauty of California….there is so much more to California than smog and traffic! Your pictures remind me of this. Enjoy and be safe!


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