Day 16: Whitewater Preserve

Start: Mile 209.5 Interstate 10

End: Mile 227.2 Mission Creek Campsite

After showering and having a good nights sleep at Morongo Resort and Casino, we were up at 5:30am in preparation for our ride back to the trail at 6:30am. We looked out the window and it was raining. Bummer. We called James, our driver, and delayed our pick-up until 8am when it was supposed to be clearing up.

James is relative of our daughter-in-law Tahnee. James lives on the reservation and was happy to pick us up and drive us back to where we had exited the PCT the previous day. Here is a picture of James and Donna:

Thank you James for all your help! It’s really a huge help when hikers have Trail Angel support leaving and returning to the trail.

It had stopped raining when we started our hike but it was still overcast and chilly.

The trail headed north from Interstate 10 for a few miles and then turned east and traveled adjacent to the Mesa Wind Farm.

The people that work at the Wind Farm are hiker friendly and provide shade and water. They also have a break room that hikers are welcome to enjoy. The break room has snack foods like micro-waveable breakfast burritos, egg & sausage sandwiches, chips, candy bars, energy drinks and coffee that hikers can purchase for a nominal price. Donna and I both enjoyed a breakfast sandwich and some cold water. Here’s a photo of the Mesa Wind Farm from the trail.

As we headed north away for the Wind Farm we slowly started increasing our elevation and we had nice views back towards the wind turbines.

We passed beautiful desert flowers.

and entered the San Gorgonio Wilderness.

After several hours we reached the Whitewater Preserve where we ran into Dana, one of our recent trail aquantances.

Then we enjoyed lunch just off the trail.

As we continued higher we had nice views back towards Mt. San Jacinto. It’s amazing that we were just there two days ago.

After a few more hours of hiking we reached our campsite at first, of many, crossings of Mission Creek. In total we came up in elevation a little over 2000 feet today. Tomorrow we will hike significantly higher so we were in bed at hiker midnight (sundown) and got a good nights sleep.

Thanks for following our PCT journey.

4 thoughts on “Day 16: Whitewater Preserve

  • Donna looks so pitiful sitting on the side of the road eating. She may have been looking for trial angel ride up the mountain. It is interesting seeing several other tents set up close to you. I am sure it brings some extra comfort knowing you are not alone. Hope you guys got some needed rest and had a good visit with your friends.
    Keep the blogs coming as we enjoy your trip and the pictures.


  • Todd and Donna, Just to let you know we really enjoy your updates. Looking forward to your next one! Bob and Fayeron 👍


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