Day 15: All Downhill

Start: 190.5 Trailside Camp

End: 209.5 Interstate 10

It was a cold night last night at 7700 feet elevation and we both slept with our down jackets on under our down quilts. We stayed warm but there was ice on our tent and ice crystals in our water containers when we climbed out of the tent at 6am. We were happy to see blue skies overhead.

It was still cold when we started hiking at 7am. We were still in all our layers including our down jackets. Our hike today would be 19 miles long and go down in elevation to about 1300 feet – a drop of 6400 feet. Donna’s right knee doesn’t do well when there is a lot of downhill so today would be a challenging day for her.

As we slowly and consistently worked our way down the mountain we enjoyed nice views across the valley towards Mount San Gorgonio, the highest mountain in Southern California at 11,503.In a few days, after we work our way down this mountain (Mt. San Jacinto) and bottom out in Cabazon, we will then start to work our way up and around the southern side of Mt. San Gorgonio and towards Big Bear Lake. But I’m getting ahead of the present days challenges.

As you remember, we filled up with water yesterday at mile 186. The next water source was at mile 206, so our packs felt heavy this morning. As we moved down the mountain, we stopped on several occasions to remove layers as we warmed up. We also enjoyed breakfast – cold oats for Donna and a ProBar for Todd. Yum! Gotta love that trail food.

Soon we started to enjoy views towards the valley floor where I-10 and Cabazon were.Then we passed mile 200As we dropped down the mountain, we enjoyed fine views back towards the north side of Mt. San Jacinto.We enjoyed lunch on a rock with a view.And said hello to fat lizards as we passed by.Finally we reached the water faucet at mile 205.7.But we still had 3.8 miles on road and then trail to get to the I-10 underpass. We were walking directly into what felt like 40mph winds.We enjoyed a rainbow.

And finally reached the I-10 underpass.

Where we were picked up by Donna’s brother (Jody) and his wife (Kathy) who live about 30 minutes away in Thousand Palms, near Palm Springs. Soon we were at In & Out enjoying burgers and fries, where we’re also met by Donna’s sister (Jeanne) and her husband (Bob).

It was good to visit with family for a while. Jeanne and Bob brought our re-supplies for the next few days of hiking and Jody and Kathy brought us a nice bottle of wine to enjoy tonight in the nearby Morongo Resort & Casino. It’s always good to sleep in a bed and we will continue to take advantage of these opportunities when they present.

Thanks for following.

7 thoughts on “Day 15: All Downhill

  • A long walk for In-N-Out. Or maybe it was the bottle of wine. See you on Saturday for more wine. No Burgers though.
    You guys have been eating too many of those.


  • 3.8 miles of wind sounds about 3 too many miles of wind! Good work out there. I see those smiles despite heavy days and an annoying knee!
    I have to mention that I disagree with Rob (above), you can’t have too many burgers when you’re hiking your butts off (literally!)!
    I just had in-n-out lunch with Jami and I’m thinking of you!!


  • In and Out always has the best burgers! It must have been particularly delicious this time. You have already reached 200 miles. Well done. That is the fattest lizard I have ever seen! Enjoy!


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