Day 8: Mike’s Place

Start: Mile 109.5 Warner Springs Resource Center

End: Mile 126.9 Junction to Mike’s Place

We got a later start out of Warner Springs then we wanted. We didn’t start hiking until 7:45am. As noted in my previous post, the Warner Springs Resource Center where we stayed last night was AWESOME – they have really gone out of their way to cater to the PCT hikers that travel through their small community every spring. I found the time in Warner Springs, however, a little hectic just because we had so much to do – set up our tent, do laundry, shower, pick up and organize our resupply, update and post some blogs, go to dinner at the high school fundraiser, etc. It was all great but there was little time to just sit down and relax.

There also was a South Korean couple (Angie and Goru) hiking the PCT for their honeymoon. Angie was shipping her wedding dress to various points along the trail so we got their photo in front of the Resource CenterThe hike out of Warner Springs started out through the grasslands and oak trees that surround the community. We continued to see grazing cattle that looked at us suspiciously. As we criss-crossed Agua Caliente Creek, we had the opportunity to refill our water bottles and hydrate for the coming dry stretch in the afternoon. At Mile 116 we had our last water opportunity until Mike’s Place. Soon we started to hike up into the surrounding hills. Here is a look back at the Warner Springs area

Our hike continued up into the rocky hills as day warmed up.Despite the heat and mileage and the 2000 foot elevation gain, Donna continues to smile and have a great attitude.Finally, late in the afternoon, we arrived at the side-trail that leads to Mike’s Place.There is a large water tank on the hill above Mike’s Place so we were able to fill up all our containers. We decided to head down the hill and check out Mike’s. Mike’s Place is hard to describe but it is basically a funky outpost in the middle of nowhere. There is a house, a trailer, various other structures, a pit toilet and an awesome wood-fired pizza oven. Mike wasn’ there but his friends Off-Trail and Scott were running the show. When we arrived there was already a group of hikers hanging out and enjoying pizza fresh out of the oven. Soon we had our slice of pizza also and it was excellent. Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos while at Mike’s – I must have been seriously dehydrated!

After enjoying our pizza, we cleaned up, changed into our camp clothes, brushed our teeth and climbed into our tent for the night.

Thanks for reading.

One thought on “Day 8: Mike’s Place

  • From what I hear from other PCT hikers, Mike’s sounds like it featured some funky a*$ junk! You’re getting some very unique experiences day by day!


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