Day 6: Gate 3 Water Cache

Start: Mile 77 Scissors Crossing

End: Mile 94.4 Trail Campsite

We knew that today was going to be a long upward hike through a 14 mile waterless stretch of the desert, so we were up before dawn and hiking by 6:45. As we hiked up into the hills above Scissors Crossing we could look back at the bridge we had camped under.

Today was the warmest day on the trail so far, probably in the mid-80’s. We kept a steady pace of about 2.5 miles per hour and took rest breaks as needed. Our goal was to get to the “third gate water cache”. We were each carrying about 3.5 liters of water to get us from Scissors Crossing to the Third Gate water cache. After about 6.5 hours we arrived.

It’s amazing how much water is stocked at this cache out in the middle of nowhere. Thank you Third Gate Water Cache Trail Angels!

After hydrating and having our lunch we enjoyed a little afternoon siesta in the shade.

After resting for 2.5 hours, we got back on the trail for another few miles and the set up camp with a nice view looking back towards where we had started this morning. We came up in elevation about 2000 feet today and our ready for a good nights sleep.

Thanks for following.

3 thoughts on “Day 6: Gate 3 Water Cache

  • Sleeping under a bridge? So proud of my homeless brother and sis in law! I am really enjoying your blog. The country you are traveling through is quite beautiful. I was not expecting that! There must be many trail angels….that is quite a bit of water! Impressive. The weather here on the Central Coast is sunny and warm. The wild flowers are blooming. The hills are bright green. As the weather gets warmer the green hills will fade to brown…I like the green hills and the spring time. Enjoy your hike.


  • Congratulations on great progress in a short time. Beautiful country back there is under appreciated by those of us who live nearby. Happy trails.


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