Day 5: Desert Trail Magic

Start: Mile 59.5 Sunrise Trail Junction

End: Mile 77 Scissors Crossing

This morning we were up and on the trail by 7:15. We had a good night at Sunrise Trailhead and were well rested and ready for another days hike as we slowly move northward away from the southern terminus. It was a sunny day again, very clear but not quite as clear as yesterday, and it felt like it was going to be warmer.

As we hiked along the trail I took a few photos of some of the desert flowers.

Late in the morning, as we rounded a bend in the trail, we could see a white SUV near the trail. Could this be more trail magic???


Happy Feet (that’s his trail name) had been parked at this location for the past few days providing drinks (water, soft drinks, gatoraid or beer) as well as snacks (chips, Oreos) and/or bananas. Wow! What a treat – our first hosted trail magic. Here’s a photo of Happy Feet and myself. By the way, Happy Feet hiked the PCT last year.

Thank You Happy Feet!!!

After our magic we continued down the trail towards Scissors Crossing. This is an intersection in the highways about 13 miles east of Julian. There is usually a large water cache under the bridge that goes over a dry riverbed near the highway intersection. Water caches are another form of trail magic. We are very thankful of the trail angels that provide water in the desert.

We camped under the bridge and enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

Thanks for following our PCT journey.

4 thoughts on “Day 5: Desert Trail Magic

  • Stunning photo of the sunset! I am particularly impressed with the desert flower pictures since that means you are stopping long enough to smell the flowers on the trail. The trail magic is cool and the trail angels are just that…angels. I am imagining that the fresh fruit and the beer really hit the spot! Enjoy!


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