Day 4: Grand Vistas

Start: 41.5 Mt. Laguna

End: Mile 59.5 Sunrise Trailhead Junction

What a difference a day makes. Today we woke up to clear blue skies and no wind. After yesterday’s snow and cold winds it was a welcome change. We were hiking again by 7:30am – that seems to be our go-to time. As it gets hotter in the next few weeks we will have to get started much earlier, but for now 7:30 works fine. It always takes a week or two to get into an efficient morning routine.

As we hiked north from Mt. Laguna we slowly left the mountain pines and re-entered the desert scrub. We had views back towards Mt. Laguna:

It wasn’t long before we had amazing views of Anza-Borrego State Park to the east.

Our packs were definitely heavier because of the food resupply yesterday. We are now carrying four days of food (until our next resupply) and as a general rule each days supply of food weighs about two pounds per person. We are also carrying more water – there are very few water sources in the next thirty-five miles. We left the cabin with 1.5 liters of water knowing there was a reliable water source in six miles. We added another 3 litters at that point. That gave us each 4.5 liters of water and each liter weighs 2.2 pounds. So between the additional food and water we were each carrying about 15 pounds more than the first few days.

Here are a few photos and a video from day 4 – it was so clear today that I think we could see for at least 100 miles!

As we approached the junction to Sunrise Trailhead, which is where we planned on camping for the night, we came across our first “trail magic”. Trail magic is when someone donates or delivers an unexpected and random act of kindness. In this case there was an ice chest full of grapefruit and oranges. A “trail angel” is the person who provides the magic. Thank you Trail Angel for the fresh fruit!

A short while later we had set up our tent for the evening.

Thanks for following our PCT adventure.

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