Day 3: Snow

Start: Mile 37.1 Long Creek Campsite

End: Mile 41.5 Mt. Laguna

It was cold and windy last night – welcome to the wilderness. This morning we woke up to find the sky full of low hanging clouds. What a difference 24 hours makes. Luckily we had been aware, due to the magic of the “weather” app on our smart phones that we may have inclement weather today. Sometimes the weatherman gets in right.

We were packed up and were out of our campsite by 7:30. We had a short hike to the small mountain town of Mt. Laguna. It was cold and windy, but at least it was dry.

As we climbed higher we left the desert environment and entered into the pine trees surrounding Mt. Laguna. Mt. Laguna is a very small town – I think I heard someone say the population is 50. It has a couple of small lodges, a couple restaurants and a small general store. Our original plan was to pick up our food re-supply, have lunch and then hike another 8-10 miles.

Shortly after arriving in town it began to snow. It melted as soon as it hit the ground but it was even colder and windier. We discovered that the restaurant would not be open until noon. As hikers hung out in and around the store we learned that many were putting their names on a waiting list for one of the hotel rooms or cabins. We did the same just to keep our options open. We then picked up our resupply and organized it on a picnic table at the Visitor Center next door.

Once we had repacked we headed back to the Pine House Cafe and waited for lunch service. This restaurant is normally closed during the day, but they are nice enough to open during hiker season. It was still snowing.

After lunch we returned to the Laguna Mountain Lodge and Store and waited to see if we could secure a room for the night. Luckily we got a cabin for the night – it would have been a cold night out in the tent with temperatures in the high 20’s! So instead of freeze dried Beef Stroganoff with Noodles in the tent we enjoyed it in our cabin. We also got to shower!

The weather is supposed to be better tomorrow – we will soon see. In any case, we need to cover some miles to get back on schedule.

Thanks for reading.

3 thoughts on “Day 3: Snow

  • Snow?! I thought you would be battling desert heat! I know you are prepared for any kind of weather, however, a night in the cabin sounds great. Happy Trails! Love, M


  • PS….Just noticed your resupply of Jack Daniels! (I know it isn’t apple juice!) Well that willl certainly keep you warm at night! CHEERS,


  • Bet the cabin was a warm welcome for you two. We like the picture of Donna and her tainted coffee. Must have the JD that Melissa was referring to. Stay warm by walking fast.Thanks again for sharing your trip with everyone.


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