Day 2: Uphill Climb

Start: Mile 20 Lake Morena

End : Mile 37.1 Long Creek Campsite

We were out of our Lake Morena cabin at 7:30 this morning and back on the PCT by 7:50. It was another beautiful day – blue, clear skies but chilly, probably low 40’s. Within a few minutes of getting on the PCT we heard and then saw two wild turkeys gobbling just off the trail. And then almost immediately we saw a couple of Turkey Vultures with their wings spread out and sunning in a nearby tree. Coincidence???

It was going to be a good day. As we continued our hike away from Lake Morena we passed though beautiful pasturelands and had views back towards Lake Morena.

Mid-morning we arrived at Boulder Oaks Campground near I-8 and filled up with water. After we passed under I-8 we started a gradual and consistent upward hike into the Laguna Mountains. Here is a view looking back at Interstate 8.

As the day progressed we continued our upward climb into the Laguna’s. By days end, we had climbed about 2000 feet. We found a nice campsite along Long Creek and spent our first night in our tent.

Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “Day 2: Uphill Climb

  • Beautiful pictures! Glad your first few days are going well. I talked with Dad yesterday. He does not know how to get your blog….I am planning to go over to his house on Sunday to help him out. I am worried that his system is so old it may not have the updates needed to access your blog. I also suspect that he has never updated his software. (I think he has had his lap top for about 10 years!) It is time for him to get an IPad! Regardless of all the techie details, if he still can’t get your blog posts, I will take screen shots and send them to him via email. If that doesn’t work then I usually see him once a week so I will just have to show him my IPad. We will figure something out. I really think he would enjoy following your blog! Enjoy your time on the trail! Love, M


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